Calligraphy with watercolours

Calligraphy is the art of writing in a particular pattern, which expresses something or which has a message to be sent out. It makes use of various instruments, either pen or nib or a brush or sometimes even the end of a feather, to get eth style of writing.

Making use of thepen is the most common form of calligraphy. Did you know that you can also use your regular paint brush to write in a calligraphic way? Yes, you can actually do it. You have to use your brush as the pen or brush pen or nib, and write it using some form of strokes.

  • You can many varieties of colours, but using plain watercolours creates an artistic effect to the work. Some things to note while doing so:
  • There might be obstacles like the hill of colour sticking up to the brush, you may have to dry the extrato the palette and continue. Else this will make the paint leak from the paper.
  • Sometimes the colour might dry out quicker than you might think. Dipping it in theright amount of water and aslight touch of the paint is essential and continue at the point you left.
  • You may try using nib too, with the watercolours, but the same hurdles need to be crossed. The only difference will be in the strokes.