Colouring with the rainbow

Colouring is an activity that isn’t meant only for children, but even the elders can enjoy too. Playing with colours, casually or in a serious mode is always fun. Creating shades of rare colours, creating that shading and lightening effect using different colours bring out the best creativity in you.

Rainbow is one fanciest appearance that nobody wants to miss to have a glimpse. But, what makes it so appealing? Well, though the rainbow is the form of a semi-circle always, the colours that build up a rainbow is the reason for its much demanding attention.

So, we all love rainbow colours! Have you ever wondered about creating the same on your paper, artwork? You can create various unique creative pieces of art using rainbow colours, and here are few tips to get a hands-on the colouring mode:

  • Use complementary colours from the colour wheel. They create a vibrant look when mixed since they stay opposite to each other
  • Try using the triadic colours, to get a vibrant colour piece. Like the vibrant shades of green, purple and yellow which are located at even locations in the colour wheel.
  • To add warmth to your artwork, mix a blend of yellow, orange, pink and
  • Colours like blue and green, which when blended give you the turquoise sort of shades, which creates a harmonious look.
  • Green is always welcoming, try with various shades of green and create a simple look, yet staying pleasing.