Experimental photography

Photography is a hobby for many and passion for few. Over the past few years, we have seen people transforming this hobby into apassion and there are many professional photographers who are excellent at their work.

But, creative photographers arequite a rare breed to find, since they portray an image that is usually hard to find. The rest photographers are extremely talented and great, but only the creative thinker can think out of the box and produce photos that make you go down your knees.

Certain pictures make you go gaga over it, for the style and ways in which theyweretaken, which are absolutely hardto find! Like the pic of the scorching sunshine, that has led its rays into the sky, the picture of a glass being broken into pieces, the rainfall falling upon a hard surface and getting scattered, all these are heard, but rarely seen and felt. The creative photographer has the ability to do this and much more to amuse you!