What’s In

Creativity is the vital part of life. Withoutcreativity, life becomes dull and dusk over a period of time. Staying creative expands your thinking levels, creates new avenues for your life. Imagination is the drive for creativity, and keeping your mind as much engaged as possible is the key.

We can get creative ideas, by observing. Observation is the root for all. Combining observations, imagination and creativity we get an output that either never existed or was never heard or seen before.

We at the creative academy, introduce young minds to the ways creativity in a more fun and joyous way. Learning through fun is our motto, and hence all our methodologies involve more of play than classes. We also pay attention to learn as a team, by sharing the knowledge that each one has and also by picking up from the knowledge of others. creative minds when exchange knowledge, the outcome is an outburst of talent filled with uniqueness.

Young minds are tuned to figure out ways to think out of the box, with examples of real life and are trained in skills required for the same. The classes are conducted by experts in the fields, like the experts of painting, drawing, photography, calligraphy and so on, because creativity is needed and found abundantlyin these spheres.